Software Quality Control

Controles de calidad de software

Revision of Applications Documentation

Verification of intermediate deliverables of development projects or software maintenance: requirements, global design, detailed design, other artefacts generated during the process.

Dynamic tests for applications

We verify your applications to assure you that the software responds to your business needs as well as to your functional and technical requirements.

Functional Testing (or black box testing)

Integration testing (or assembly testing)
System testing
Regression testing
Usability Testing
User acceptance Testing

Tests Automation

By using a tool or robot, we generate scripts that permit the automation of the tests in order to optimize the execution time for reiterative or regression tests.

Technical testing

We simulate the simultaneous access of multiple users to a server and measure the behavior of the system as we get close to the expected thresholds, until we stress the system. This kind of test has to be carried out with Load Test tools.

We verify response times, consumed resources and available resources in the normal operation of the applications.

We make this kind of testing to guarantee that the system can handle a large data volume under normal operating conditions. During this kind of testing, it is evaluated the growth of data volume and the necessary hardware to support such growth.

We conduct this testing to assure that the software is compatible with different versions of the operating systems, web servers, databases and other components which constitute the architecture of the application.