A software quality services company

Controles de calidad de software

Who we are?

QActions is an innovative company, focused on providing Consulting, Software Quality Control and Assurance services.

Members of our staff have great experience and brilliant professional careers in this specialty. QActions has developed work methodologies that optimize the results of the services we provide.


Provide Consulting, Software Quality Control and Assurance services; identify the needs of the market, both locally and worldwide, with the purpose of providing innovative services to satisfy such needs


“To be a leading company in the provision of Software Quality Assurance and Control services, locally and worldwide”


Why Choose Us?

Because of our knowledge and competence areas.

Our business is centered on Consulting, Software Quality Control and Assurance specialty. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide high quality and flexible services and adapt them to the culture and needs of each organization.

Because of our commitment with confidentiality.

Because we consider that your information is vital for you, your company and your clients. For this reason, we guarantee absolute confidentiality of all the information you trust us for the provision of our services.