Functional Testing

The increasing complexity of applications, fast pace delivery cycles plus a strong demand for higher quality require maximum efficiency Functional Tests, turning them into a must nowadays.

Functional tests are exhaustive and concrete since they verify and validate that the software satisfies specific requirements as well as fits for the purpose it has been developed.

There are an extensive and exhaustive battery of tests designed to cover the (full) scope of your application functionality, and validate your system delivers according to its specific system requirements and client’s expectations. We work with the client from early project’s stage, all along its life cycle.

Functional Tests ensure your application will integrate onto your IT landscape without disrupting your business flow, performance or continuity.

Mobile applications are transforming the way companies interact, bringing along new technical challenges that may impact your business.

With an exponential growth on mobile devices, a wide variety of operating systems, and complexity of physical and technical characteristics, it is crucial to test every component operation and integration, in an appropriate mobile testing laboratory before releasing any new APP into the market.

From simple web applications to distributed complex designs using cloud, there are common concerns that need to be addressed before making an application public, confidently avoiding your business from being impacted or even customers loss.

>> We design a tailor-made test strategy, which takes into consideration the high level of interconnection.

>> Our tests cover relevant aspects such as: compatibility, connectivity, usability, security, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms, and hardware integration.

>> We perform critical tasks to detect vulnerabilities in order to ensure IoT devices are safe and reliable in all environments.


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