Technical Testing



We help customers to get an objective and expert view of their current situation, providing analysis, statistics and recommendations in a comprehensible way plus necessary tools to make the right decisions and design strategies to improve the quality of their product.

Load Testing

We evaluate the behavior of a software + hardware system against specific loads, to ensure it can handle expected loads day after day. Measuring break points, response and recovery times.

Stress Testing

We identify bottlenecks and maximum capacity limits in the hardware & software.

Volume Testing

To face the growth of data volume, we evaluate the software for proper storage and processing.

Scalability Testing

We measure the behavior of your hardware against increases in loads levels and recommend modifications to its architecture to improve processing capacity and ensure stability.

Security Testing

We measure the degree of vulnerability of our clients and recommend actions to mitigate them by analyzing:

> Information Security
> Process Security
> Security in Internet technologies
> Communications Security
> Wireless Security
> Physical Security


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