SAP Testing Suite

Continuous software testing through automation helps organizations create and deliver new technology to drive innovation and enable intelligent business operations. That’s why Tricentis and SAP have teamed up to deliver this suite of solutions focused on continuous testing and help accelerate digital transformation initiatives by achieving better business outcomes.
SAP Change Impact Analysis

SAP Change Impact Analysis tool from Tricentis provides fast, automated analysis of software changes and their impacts on your SAP software ecosystem, helping to accelerate testing and improve the quality of your releases.

How does it work?
AI-based change impact analysis compares your current SAP software system with proposed custom or standard SAP software upgrades. The application analyzes the differences between releases that affect your business processes, integrations, custom code, security, governance and user training. With it, you can analyze the business impacts of changes, compare systems and variations, test with confidence, and report when it is safe to deploy changes. SAP Change Impact Analysis also enables you to identify and address software changes that pose technical and business risks so you can focus testing on the right areas.

SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing

SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing (ECT) accelerates testing with a code-free, artificial intelligence-based, and script-free approach to end-to-end test automation. With support for more than 160 technologies and enterprise applications, it provides resilient test automation for any use case.

How does it work?
SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing simplifies and automates testing across all layers of modern enterprise architecture, including APIs, the web, mobile solutions, and custom and packaged application user interfaces. Using an intuitive interface, it defines comprehensive tests across multiple technologies, analyzes the results and automatically updates as applications evolve. In turn, it provides real-time risk insights along with actionable, business-focused results. Reporting increases visibility and lets you know when all risks have been addressed in a release, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming post-production remediation.
With SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing, you can take a systemic approach to identifying and tracking risks in new software releases. You can ensure that the appropriate data is always available for automated testing and simulate the behavior of unavailable dependent systems during test execution.

SAP Load Testing

Load testing is a crucial element of continuous testing, helping to ensure that your custom applications and software updates can meet performance, capacity, stress and peak user requirements.
The SAP® Load Testing solution makes cloud-based testing available on demand to developers, testers and line-of-business managers, ensuring that the applications you develop are scalable and support thousands of concurrent users, simplifies test creation with intuitive functionality, and supports the use of popular open source tools. With the flexible solution, you can quickly provision and run tests, simulate global traffic and scale from tens to tens of millions of users in minutes.

How does it work?
SAP® Load Testing shows how your applications respond to large user loads in real time. It allows you to detect persistent trends or problems over time and create customized reports with as much information as you need. With the solution, you can drill down into transaction failure information and get comprehensive data on HTTP requests and responses directly from the dashboard. Bottleneck analysis highlights areas of risk to accelerate troubleshooting, while real-time reporting improves transparency and provides revealing information. With the solution, developers can write and load their own custom scripts. SAP Load Testing collects and aggregates the results of multiple load testing scripts and presents them in a simple and intuitive reporting interface.




Reduce risk for critical business processes

Lower the level of risk associated with SAP development changes using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analysis

Reduce SAP project and maintenance costs

Reduce testing costs and resources by automatically generating the highest risk areas that need attention without the need to test everything. Decrease the need to diagnose problems after go-live.

Accelerate the pace of innovation while helping to ensure your company's performance.

Automated continuous testing powered by artificial intelligence (AI) fosters innovation and improves operations across the enterprise

Get faster updates

With test automation, identify which areas to test with confidence and without compromising system quality or allowing unexpected disruptions to critical processes. Get SAP upgrades 85% faster by achieving 100% test coverage

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