Usability Testing

(User Experience test)

We help you see your software like users would.
> We use the best practices and higher standards of the market to accurately determine the actual usability degree of your products.
> We put together UX test laboratories by User segment in order to determine the best product use configuration for your customers.

In addition to the specific guidelines each organization define regarding usability, we take as reference ISO 9241 and ISO 13407 standards.

  • Detection of non-intuitive and non-efficient navigation structure.
  • Workflow logic, redundancy and general operability.
  •  Efficiency of search and response processes operation, with clear results and answers.

UX tests can cover a broad demography involving user groups and specific questionnaires.

There is a wide selection of quality testing platforms and tools that help teams collect and analyze quantitative data, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Optimizely


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